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    • Argan Chamomile Lightweight Day Cream

      550.00 100 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : If you’re looking to give your skin a natural boost, this lightweight cream is the one for you! This is a non greasy, non irritating cream which spreads well and absorbs easily into your skin. Argan oil which is popular as “Liquid Gold” is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties.

      BENEFITS :  It moisturizes skin, softens dry patches, reduces acne, minimizes large pores and makes skin appear smoother. Roman Chamomile adds a pleasant, soothing fragrance to the cream while it benefits skin in many ways including reversing the effects of tan and lightening complexion.

      HOW TO USE : Take a small quantity of cream and massage well on cleansed face in the morning after shower.

      SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types.

    • Cocoa Body Butter

      550.00 190 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : The star of our brand and the first product launched is this amazing Cocoa Body Butter which combines certified pure, unrefined Raw Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Shea Butter. This luxurious butter is packed with vitamins essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants which helps skin look plump and youthful.

      BENEFITS : Treats dry skin, Reduces scars, Improves skin tone, Treat eczema and Psoriasis to an extent, Reduces stretch marks as well. Using it regularly is important to see its wonderful benefits.

      INGREDIENTS : Raw Cocoa Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Oil and Coffee Oil.

      HOW TO USE : Take a small quantity of body butter and apply all over body after shower in the morning or night.

      SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types.

    • Rise and Shine Day Serum

      580.00 30 ml

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : This wonder potion is a multi talented star which has an SPF 35. It is a blend of some skin friendly luxurious oils. The day routine is incomplete without this lovely serum!

      BENEFITS : It is non greasy, heals acne and scars, pigmentation, anti-ageing, natural retinols, vitamin A & E and moisturizes your skin.

      HOW TO USE : Use the dropper to apply 2-3 drops over your cleansed face in the morning after shower. Use your fingertips to gently massage the serum in circular motion all over face and neck.

      NOTE : Moisturizer, Compact or Make-Up can be applied post serum application.

      SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types.

    • Shea Violet Body Butter

      475.00 190 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : This luscious and rich body butter is made with pure and refined Shea Butter which is easy to apply and smooths into skin with ease. It is high in vitamins A, E & F and this amazing product helps heal sun damage and keeps the skin clear and smooth!

      BENEFITS : It helps achieve healthy, Glowing and Rejuvenated skin adding on the Violet flower fragrance lingers throughout the day!

      INGREDIENTS : Pure Refined Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Violet Fragrance Oil.

      HOW TO USE : Take a small quantity of body butter and apply all over body after a shower in the morning or night.

      SKIN TYPE – All Skin Types.

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