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    • Almond Lavender Face & Body Cream

      510.00 190 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : This rich luxurious thick cream is made with goodness of raw African Shea Butter, Lavender essential oil. contains anti-oxidants to fight against harmful effects of pollutants on the skin. This indulgent cream makes your skin feather soft!

      BENEFITS :  It inhibits bacterial growth, boosts circulation and makes skin firm. The Sweet almond oil promotes flawless skin, treats rashes and reduces signs of ageing.

      HOW TO USE : Take a small quantity of cream and massage well on cleansed face in the morning after shower.

      SKIN TYPE : Dry/Mature Skin.

    • Baby Oil

      375.00 200 ml

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : Walking down the aisle of baby products is a mixed up mess of mumbo jumbo! It can be hard finding the right one for your baby. You want to do whats’s best for their sensitive new skin. With countless benefits, our Baby Oil is undoubtedly the most nourishing, natural oil for your toddler! It is not made with mineral oils/petroleum products which is a big PLUS!

      BENEFITS : The extra virgin coconut oil and the extra virgin olive oil are one of the best oils to use for babies. Along with vitamin E, Lavender essential oil & Glycerin, It adds more benefits. Helps dramatically improve the skin tone, moisturizes skin, makes it supple soft, adds glow and shine, helps heal flaky dry skin, cures diaper rashes and its relaxing properties can put your baby to sleep!

      INGREDIENTS : Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E & Lavender Essential Oil.

      HOW TO USE : Take required quantity of oil and massage well (Hair & Body).

    • Bath Salt – Soothing Lavender

      450.00 280 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : This soothing Bath Salt comes with a magical fragrance of lavender and has anti-bacterial properties. This can also be an amazing foot soak!

      BENEFITS : Repairs skin, relieves stress, soothes nerves, muscles and joints. It increases magnesium levels in your body.

      INGREDIENTS : Organic Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender Buds, Lavender Essential Oil and Magnesium Chloride.

      HOW TO USE : Pour 2-3 tbsp of bath salt in warm bath water in a bucket or a tub. Use your hand to stir the water to help dissolve all the grains. Now enjoy the alluring aromatic bath!

      IF USED AS A FOOT SOAK : Soak feet for at least 15-20 minutes in warm water dissolved with bath salt.

      SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types.

    • Lavender Lip Scrub

      230.00 30 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : Con Amore Lip Scrubs are created using some of the most lovely ingredients which works like a dream! Key Ingredients include Shea Butter, which is a rich butter extracted from Shea nut. It contains vitamin A & E which soothe, moisturize dry & chapped lips. It also contains Jojoba oil (which adds for fresh-soft lips) and the Bees wax (which acts as a protective agent for the lips). We use organic castor sugar where its particles make an excellent topical exfoliant.

      BENEFITS : Lips scrubs help remove dead skin from your lips bringing out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth and obviously more kissable! The lipstick application is also a lot more smoother after a scrub.

      VARIANT : Lavender

      HOW TO USE : Take required quantity of scrub and apply on wet lips and scrub well for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse off. Apply Lip Butter post scrub (optional).


    • Walnut and Lavender Face Scrub

      365.00 100 gms

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : A creamy formulation which includes beneficial oils and butters. Walnut shell granules and lavender buds act as natural exfoliators. Scrubbing/exfoliating is a very important step/routine in your skin care regimen at least 2-3 times a week.

      BENEFITS : It helps protect from free radicals, gets rid of dead skin, removes tan/pollutants, removes black heads and white heads, makes skin so smooth and perfect to touch!

      INGREDIENTS : Flax Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Lavender Buds, Walnut Shell Granules, Lavender Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Distilled Water and Paraben Free Preservative (0.5%).

      HOW TO USE : Take required quantity of scrub and apply all over wet face and neck and scrub gently for 3-4 minutes in circular motion. You can also take a steam before scrubbing as well to open up the pores for easier exfoliation.

      SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types.

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